"Exit Keys" album review, 2012, Vents Magazine (Dominican Republic)

Australia has been delivering some great acts lately. All of them with their own original sound
such as Dead Letter Circus or Gotye. With this being said, we can affirm Australia is a music

Proof of that is Exit Keys by singer / songwriter Michael Plater. It’s an album with a very distinct
sound, as in the 80s, accompanied by simple acoustic guitars chords, bass lines and drum
beats. Sometimes it appears this rhythm guitar that adds a little excitement to the songs. This
can be seen in the first two tracks “Traces” and “Rings of Smoke” where sound itself can
remind some of you to the boys of The Chuch, from music to Plater’s voice, which bears some
resemblance to Steve Kilbey although Michael's vocals are much deeper.

“A Curse of This Town” follows the same line, but adds this violin that makes the song much
dramatic. It has this type of sober yet entertaining sound. “Ghosts” on the other hand is
something like between what would be The Smiths and REM. Probably one of the most
“cheerful” songs in the entire album with the addition of an organ and rhythm guitar.

The rest of the songs up to some point follows the same patterns. Each with their own
differences. The last song of the album “This Leaving Time” has this western music type of
sound, Plater’s voice fits perfectly. The violin returns in an epic and beautiful wave, solemnly
tapping the track. No drums, though in my personal opinion, in this specific song, such
instrument might end up ruining the song.

In conclusion, this album is intense, dramatic, scary, funny, amazing. The entire production is
incredibly well made. Everything works perfectly. As for the style goes, this is something you
usually don’t hear today, so to some extent we can call this record “one of the most original
records released this year”.

Rating: 5/5

Review by RJ Frometa